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Apr 29, 2010 at 02:35 PM

SQL Command returns multiple records, but I see only one record in report


I work with Crystal Reports XI R2 SP3 and Oracle 10g R2 database.

I have an SQL Command that returns multiple records. Command name is "CommDivisionNames" and it returns column "CommDivisionNames.DIVISION_NAME". When I place this field into report details section of the report, I can see all 10 records returned and this is how it should be. I actually need this field to be placed in the report header section, and when I place the field there, then I see only the first record. I set that field as "can grow = true". When I do "browse field data" for this field, I see that all 10 records are there, but only the first one is displayed in report header section.

I thought that I can place SQL Command field anywhere on the report (page header, footer, details) and that it will always show all records that it returns from the database. Can that be done?

My "main part" of the report returns different set of records, and that's what I have in "report details" section. I need this list of divisions to be in the report header section, so user can see that the report was executed for DivA, DivC, DivE.

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