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Former Member
Apr 29, 2010 at 08:50 AM

Multilevel Categorization at Complaint Item Level



We want to Capture "Reason" at Complaint Item Level which is going be just a single reason against every Complaint Line Item.

Additionally we want to have Multi Level Categorization at Complaint Item Level for capturing some additional information.

The "Reason" and Multi Level Categorization for "Additional Information" are not linked to each other at all. So they need to be captured independently.

I thought about using the Rejection Reason for capturing Reason but the limitation is that Rejection Reason is not Transaction Type specific.

As an other option - Can there be Two Multilevel Categorization Schema in Same Application. So that I can use one for Reason and the other for the "Additoinal Information".

If possible please let me the configuration steps.

Can it be done through creating an additional Parameter=ITEM_CATEG_AND_CATALOGTYPE in Application Area=COMPLAINT

So that one schema is through "Parameter=Subject Profile" and other is through the "Parameter=ITEM_CATEG_AND_CATALOGTYPE"

Please let me know the configuration steps if you know a possible solution to this requirement.