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Apr 29, 2010 at 07:53 AM

Subcontracting Issue


Hi all,

In our case in subcontracting scenario, user entered PO item without creating BOM for that item. So when PO was created it gave error of "NOT POSSIBLE TO DETERMINE ANY COMPONENT" which was bypassed by user and child component was entered manually.

E.g for MAT-A, RM1000 was entered in component.

But while entering this they did one mistake,

Physically for 1 piece of MAT-A to produce, 3kg of RM1000 is required, so if they have entered 100000 open qty of MAT-A,

they wud have entered 3 x 100000 = 300000 kg of RM1000, but by mistake they entered only 1 KG. So now equation became as for 100000 qty of MAT-A only 1 kg of RM1000 is required.

Now while transferring mat to vendor, again mistake took place. It was required to transfer RM1000 for 500 qty of MAT-A,

So while doing MB1B, system showed mat RM100 to be transferred as (1/100000)*600 = 0.006, user erased that and transferred mat 600 x 3 = 1800 Kg to vendor.

Store person did GR of 200 qty of MAT-A, and reconciled the challan also.

Now when we see the challan, in J1IFR, it shows open qty as 1800 - (200 * 0.00001) = 1799.99

and only 400 qty of MAT-A is to be received.

if I go for doing GR of that 400 qty, while reconciliation of challan, it will show qty to be assigend as 400*0.00001 = 0.004

And challan wud not be able to complete further.

Pls guide now how to handle this.