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How to transport a custom adapter module w/o CTS/NWDI?

Hi experts,

I've done a deploy of a custom adapter module (developed and published by Eng Swee Yeoh - Base64 Encode Converter) in my PI Dev environment with NWDS - Deploy. It worked perfectly in Dev but I'm having troubles to connect my NWDS to Production to try the deploy directly to there (can't create an entry in SAP AS Java, not even through SAP Management Console as it's not accepting Admin user/pwd).

Now I need it to be transported to PI production (there's no test box :) ) and we don't have CTS+ nor NWDI configured. So I wanted to ask:

- Is there any way to transport it manually just like the regular ESR/ID objects (exporting a TPZ or any other file and importing on target)?

- Should I deploy it directly in Production? I'm struggling to setup my NWDS to PI Prod.

- Any other technical option to achieve this?

*** We don't have CTS+ nor NWDI configured to help in this transport. ***

Really appreciate your inputs on this.



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    Dec 10, 2016 at 02:16 AM

    Hello Rafael,

    No, there is no possibility to manually export earlier deployed adapter module from Development environment and import it to QA/Production environment in the similar way as it is done with ESR / Integration Directory objects - instead, the same deployable file (in your case, EAR file) that was used when deploying the adapter module to Development, shall be used to deploy it to QA/Production (in your case, considering absence of QA, just Production).

    Besides usage of NWDS, there is variety of other options supported by SAP for deployment to SAP Java systems - refer to SAP Note 1715441 that describes them all. SUM is the preferred tool to be used for deployment and shall be considered as the primary option. Apart from it, deploy command which is available via AS Java Telnet, is another commonly used alternative in case neither SUM, nor NWDS are available.



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