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Sum HANA Calculation Graphical View suppress duplicated record

I am trying to do a Sum of quantity for products, using HANA Calculation Graphical View.


AAA | 1

AAA | 2

AAA | 2

BBB | 2

BBB | 3

Using aggregation node, I choose MATNR as normal output and MENGE at Aggregated Output.

The result is, MATNR AAA always shows 3 which is not correct (BBB is 5, correct).

I tried set the source view to CUBE, change MATNR to attribute (and make it KEY field), also change MENGE to measure. Every suggestion I have read but no luck.

I understand that aggregation node auto groups the same value before Sum. How do I avoid it and get correct result for MATNR AAA?

Thank you

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