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Jan 15, 2019 at 10:06 PM

SAP webGUI with "get parameter" keyword


Howdy folks,

I am currently customizing some screens by means of SAP Screen Personas. My current goal is to call a RFC after a create transaction is executed (namely, TS01 after creating a transaction, when it returns to its initial screen). When commiting, TS01 populates some of the parameters (that will be automatically available in FTR_EDIT or TS02 by means of commands "SET/GET PARAMETER ID 'BUK' <field_name>, where I believe <field_name> is ftr_entry-bukrs).

I want to get this field's value right after TS01 creates a transaction. It only goes back to TS01's initial screen when commiting ends, where the process of setting these parameters has already been executed. By testing directly on SAP GUI for windows, the RFC is able to retrieve the proper value using "GET PARAMETER ID 'BUK' ftr_entry-bukrs", where ftr_entry-bukrs will have the correct value set by TS01's commiting process.

But, when mapping a script that will execute the given RFC in event "onAfterRefresh" which will execute right after the web GUI retrieve data from the backend after the whole process of creating a transaction has already been executed, this value is not retrievable (the field that should contain the values is empty). Does SAP webGUI's session variables (these fields set by means of GET PARAMETER or EXPORT ... TO MEMORY ID) not work the same way? Is there any way from inside the called RFC to retrieve these values? I recall that this only happens when using SAP webGUI.

Appreciate any pointers and/or help!