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Apr 28, 2010 at 01:10 AM

Configuration of number of service provider instances for Realtime service


We are currently migrating from DQXI 11.6 to DSXI 3.2.

Development and testing is complete and we are currently deciding on sizing the application for production environment.

In DQXI its just one level of server instances. We had 30 instances of DQXI running to process the realtime load that our application receives.

However in DSXI we have multiple layers of servers that are encountered in the course of processing of a record realtime:

1. Access Servers (AL_AccessServer)

- I understand this is just a message broker

- I guess we do not need a lot of instances of these.

2. Job Servers (al_jobserver)

- I understand that this controls the service provider instances for a Realtime service.

- I guess we do not need a lot of instances of these as well.

3. Service Provider instances (al_engine)

- For a specific job these are created for each data flow.

- The min and max instances is configurable when adding a service provider to a realtime service

- I guess this is the layer which actually does the records processing and experiences the load

- So I think this is the layer which will need large number of instances configured (like nearly 30 in DQXI).

Please confirm if my understanding is correct.

In case you have any recommendations for how to optimize the configuration based on number of Access Server/Job Server/Service Provider instances, please let me know.

Also there is an address server process (address_server) that I can see running.

Do we need this because we use the Global Address Cleanse transform in the dataflow for our realtime job?

Please let me know.

Any inputs will be extremely helpful.