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Nov 29, 2016 at 07:54 PM

Pre sales functionality questions. See details


  1. Are reports scheduled via CRS 2016 run locally through the CRS 2016 server or are they run from the location of the original report (our application server or our MSSQL server)?
  2. Does CRS2016 isolate each scheduled report to use only one processor per report and manage the schedule so that no more than one report per server core are started at the same time?
  3. CRS does have an option for Dynamic Recipients for email purposes when running a single or multiple reports as a publication. Are there any other capabilities for using dynamic data such as calculated date ranges specified when a report is run on a schedule?
    These dates are not set in the report and if run manually would typically have the report requester enter the beginning and ending dates. We need to automate these dates based on our payroll period start and end dates.
    I am receiving error FBE60502 when running reports. Resolution says to enter Distinct values. Is there another option to have the appropriate dates pulled from a MSSQL View or stored procedure?
  4. I do have a report that when run in Crystal Reports uses calculated dates from a MSSQL View. In CR this runs properly. When scheduled via CRS2016 it runs the report with the MSSQL application database default dates starting in 2012 and ending in 2050. I need this to run with the current payroll period based on the View mentioned. Does CRS2016 support this type of report.
  5. Does SAP Crystal Server 2016have an API that we can use to automate running crystal reports that we’ve created, in an Ad Hoc manner using CRS2016?