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Information Design Tool : Error while trying to load Data Foundation

Hello All,

We are receiving below error when we try retrieving universe from BO repository:

Unexpected error:

org.xml.sax.SAXParseExceptionpublicId: platform:/resource/Pending/DF_Pending.dfx; systemId: platform:/resource/Pending/DF_Pending.dfx; lineNumber: 138; columnNumber: 173; An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x91) was found in the value of attribute "description" and element is "Columns".

BO Version: BO 4.2 SP03
Database: DB2

The universes are continuously getting corrupted. Even if we created new universe and publish it, while retrieving same universe again, it's giving above error.

We have created DB2 DSNs on client and server side with same name.

Please help


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  • It is puzzling that you can create a universe, but not retrieve it. Are you checking the integrity of the universe before publishing it or as part of the publication process? I would expect IDT to catch any issues there.

    Do you have any columns names or description values containing characters other that letters and number (e.g. &, <, >, etc.)?


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1 Answer

  • Mar 06 at 10:56 PM

    The error suggests a parsing error for the Spanish letter "Ñ"

    Is it possible you have these unicode characters in your universe?

    Did this start happening after moving to 4.2 SP3 or did it work previously on 4.2 SP3.
    If possible, I would try moving from SP3 to SP6 or higher to see if it resolves the issue. SP3 had many issues with Universes from what I remember.

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