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Apr 27, 2010 at 04:31 PM

Adapter Engine queues


Hi all,

XI is sending messages (several interfaces) to an external system.

For some interfaces this external system needs a lot of time to return the http response back. Thus the waiting queues are generated on AE. From log files I see that there are five such queues. At the certain point (heavy traffic) all messages have to wait in these queues regardless their interfaces.

To avoid that, I would like to have separated queues on AE based on interfaces: Messages that belong to one interface would go into one queue, messages of another interface into another queue and so on.

I am talking about AE, on IE I donu2019t expect waiting queues.

I donu2019t want to use EOIO since I donu2019t want that the queue is stopped in case of an error.

Could you please advice?

Thanks, Janos