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Apr 27, 2010 at 02:57 PM

Suggestions to make better use of Solution Manager


Our Solman 3.2 system, has always been sort of a odd man out. We haven't made much use of it since our ECC 5.0 upgrade in 2006 mostly because it's performance is dreadful. Normally, we don't even start it up. We are upgrading to ECC 6.0 later this year and have decided to start fresh with Solman. I'm installing a shiny, new SM 7.0 EHP1 system. Our BIS team will reproduce what little work they have from the 3.2 system in it (at most one day's work).

SAP has pushed Solman more and more (especially since 2007 with MOPZ). I have a feeling I won't be able to run an effective landscape without Solman being the center of it. What I really need is some help on how to make good use of this new sid and incorporate into our upgrade and that future environment.

Performance suggestions are a biggie too. Times are tight and we have to run it on the same box as the 3.2 system. The server is an iSeries partition with limited memory and cpu that also houses 4 ABAP development systems. It's crowded, no doubt, but it's really all we have. I know I'm going to avoid using Solman as long as it's a beast to work inside of.

Just looking for a little guidance