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Apr 27, 2010 at 01:53 PM

SAP User Authentication via Windows Active Directory


The non-profit company I work for as an SAP Security Admin has been using SAP since 1999. We are currently running ECC 6.0, BI 7.0, and CRM 7.0. With fewer than 300 SAP users, we have not implemented CUA, so each of our multiple clients in these systems is managed independently.

The company recently licensed and implemented some non-SAP software to be used by all of our employees (~1200) in keeping track of & catagorizing their work time; a very handy feature of this software is that it depends upon Windows Active Directory for user authentication. Therefore, each employee logs into this time-keeping package by entering his/her standard PC userID & password. If you can log onto your PC, you can log into the time-keeping software.

That got me thinking & researching, because our SAP users - especially those who have access to three or more SAP clients - must maintain their passwords independently in each SAP client that they hope to access in the future. I'm certainly not the first person who has thought of how nice it would be to permit SAP users to log into all SAP clients across the landscape in which they have defined userIDs, using the same password that they are using to log into their PCs (i.e., the password that is stored & maintained in Windows Active Directory). My quest has led me to find presentations on this topic that typically involve modules we aren't using & very complicated configurations that we really lack the time & resources to employ; or, to third-party solution providers who claim to be certified SAP partners who would love to sell us more software to provide this convenience, usually irelated to single sign-on, LDAP, etc. The lowest pricing tier for such software usually would cover many times the number of SAP users we have to serve here - and it feels like trying to push in a tack using a sledgehammer. It is true that we have not used the same userID for our PCs that we have defined in SAP, so there would need to be some way to translate from one to the other, but our PC password rules are consistent with those we have configured in SAP clients, so it seems to me it should be very simple. Can anyone lead me to a more straightforward solution? If not, can you articulate why this has to be so complicated using SAP software when it seems so simple using relatively inexpensive timekeeping sotware?