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Jan 14, 2019 at 10:25 AM

File lost in AS2 transmission after 504-Gateway timout error.

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Hello Experts,

Scenario: AS2 Outbound (Self --> External Partner) Both Signing & Encryption Enabled.

We are sending files over AS2 but randomly, some files are getting lost. (Partner claims not to have received the file but our logs show as "Delivered" and Positive MDN also received from partner)

In these cases, on first try we get a "504-Gateway Time out" error and only on the second or third try the file gets delivered to the partner. But partner says they did not get the file.

Example: 33 files transferred as per our logs. But only 32 files received by partner. Also, partner logs show only 32 MDNs sent back to us. But our logs say that we have received MDNs for all 33 files.

Is there any chance that PI can mark a file as "Delivered" even though partner did not receive?

Also, how is PI showing positive MDN for all files, when partner logs show that MDN was