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Different between dmee file at proposal and payment


Unfortunately I did not get any answer available for this query and posting this for your expert advice. As we know that we can create the DMEE payment file at the time of payment proposal also and see the file. While making the payment also we can create the DMEE payment file. Post this in we see two payment files, first which was created at the time of proposal and the second which was created at the time of payment. My question is:

Is there any difference between these two files other than the difference that one was created at the time of porposal and second at the time of payment. The files look exactly the same.



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  • Dear Saurabh,

    Each country have their own DMEE program with different logics and selection paramenters. Some of them SAP Program and some of them Z programs

    I recommend you to check the screen variant set in your DMEE program and try to analyze the DMEE program that you are using to generate your file.

    Best regards,

    Gabriel Coleti

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    Jan 17 at 09:20 PM


    Proposal level is going to allow you to edit or make changes, it is initially generated based on the parameters you input in f110. When you create it you're able to view it in that little paper icon at the top to see if there are any errors, usually your full entry should show in the proposal to make sure it's correct. In proposal you can block some payments, view vendor list, etc.

    Payment run is basically when you have submitted (You have executed it in real run), so the payments have now gone through and applied to the vendors and open items that you had listed. Therefore your DME file (Data Medium Exchange) Will generate at the payment level.

    Just to show when you do proposal run, your open items will still be FBL1N, but after payment run, you will see they are gone.

    So when you goto FDTA to download your dme file, it will only give you an option for the real proposal at payment run level, because that's where the transaction was executed. And proposal run is where you will see the parameters you have entered.

    Basically proposal is just a rough draft, dme at payment level is the real deal affecting your entries, etc.

    Hope this helps,



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