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Jan 14, 2019 at 12:16 PM

Maintenance Strategy with Counter Based


Hi SAP Experts,

I got some problem. I scheduled counter-based maintenance (hour counter).
1.Strategy was created for 2000 hr (IP11)

2.Task list was created (IP04)

3.Maintenance Item for settle cost to site service was created (IP04)

4.Maintenance Plan was created (IP42)

5.Scheduled the Maintenance Plan (IP10)

when I finished the plan. I found out Maintenance cycle is not my needs.

This Picture shows my Maintenance Strategy run as Cycle text 500hr 1000hr 1500hr 2000hr 500hr 1500hr 500hr 2000hr 1500hr ( in the red cycle)

**But I want cycle run 500hr 1000hr 1500hr 2000hr and 500hr 1000hr 1500hr 2000hr again like picture below***

Please let me know what should I do or I do something wrong.


010203.jpg (123.0 kB)
010203-4444.jpg (138.6 kB)