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Jan 13, 2019 at 11:21 AM

An exception of type 'IllegalStateException' occurred.

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Hello Colleagues,

In my fullstack web ide , i was developing a business application. i couldn't do a post in the odata and i was receiving this error.

EntityProviderException: An exception of type 'IllegalStateException' occurred.","\t... 46 more","Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was BEGIN_ARRAY at line 1 column 2 path $","\tat","\tat org.apache.olingo.odata2.core.ep.consumer.JsonEntryConsumer.readSingleEntry(","\t... 45 more"] }

My Service.cds code is using my.bookshop from '../db/data-model';
service CatalogService {
  entity SupplierProduct @insert  @read @update @delete  as projection on bookshop.MarketContext.MarketLocation.MarketSPace;
  entity Market   @insert  @read @update @delete  as projection on bookshop.MarketContext.Product.ProductMaster;
  entity Sales   @insert  @read @update @delete  as projection on bookshop.MarketContext.Sales.Sales;

    "COMPANY_ID": "C2002189",
    "PINCODE": 89108,
    "MARKETVALUE": 500000,
    "MARKET_OWNER": "Ashlin Gabriel",
    "START_YEAR": "2011-02-03",

Json data that i tried to push.

and is there any other way of loading data in to the table in business application from a csv as currently the data uploader of fullstack ide is not working.

Kindly Help.!