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Jan 13, 2019 at 10:09 AM

Users not getting password reset emails in NW portal 7.4 through Logon Problems?Get Support


Dear all,

We are facing an issue where our end users are trying to reset their password through Logon Problems?Get Support link but not getting new password through email(users registered email). Below are the system details.

SAP EP 7.4 (Patch level 15.0) Front end connected via web- dispatcher and

SAP SRM 7.0 (EHP 3.0) Back end

Below analysis done so far:

As we know we can not see the reset password emails in SOST, still we have checked the following in Backend (SRM(R3) 7.3) system.

1. All emails are in TRANSMITTED state in SOST.

2. Tried to send test emails on different domains through SBWP and are getting successfully delivered to recipients and showing the same in SENT state in SOST.

3. Checked all the SMTP, SOST, SCON, SCOT configuration and everything is working perfectly in the backend R3 (SRM) system.

Only issue here is users not receiving emails for password reset through Logon Problems?Get Support link configured on SAP Portal.

We have checked the portal configuration and everything is maintained correctly including host server name of SMTP server. Further, we have checked to trace any error logs for affected users on Email(domain) server but everything seems to be working there and no error logs found there.

Can any body suggest what can be the issue, so we can explore on the other area? As per analysis done so far it seems something fishy at email server end.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.