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Apr 26, 2010 at 10:08 PM

How useful is RF Monitor LRF1? Not using the RF user queue as designed.


I am looking for more information on SAP's RF Monitor (LRF1) and wondering if people find it very useful. Specifically, I am wondering if there are any good white papers or examples out there that describe the use of the RF user queue and RF Monitor with detailed examples and screen shots.

In our custom RF solution, users do not manually create TOs and work is not assigned to individual forklift operators on a TO by TO basis. All of our outbound delivery picking and inbound delivery put away is driven by shipment or outbound/inbound delivery number. Today, operators go to the shipping office to pick-up the next shipment (clipboard of paperwork) to be loaded/unloaded, they complete the loading of the truck or railcar and then return to the office to get paperwork for the next load. Users never need to worry about the intricacies of creating TOs (at least for "happy path" scenarios). When loading (picking) and unloading (put away), the associate simply enters the shipment and delivery number and as handling units are scanned, the TOs are automatically created and confirmed. We use full-screen vehicle mounted terminals that show quite a bit of detail (e.g., all delivery line items to be loaded and all HUs to be unloaded).

However, we want to look at options for "pushing" the work to associates by pre-assigning deliveries by USER ID in a more paperless fashion. We have some thoughts on how to do this by enhancing our current custom solution.

But at the same time, I am now more curious how other SAP customers are using the RF queue and RF monitor to assign work out to their operators. Doing this at the TO level seems tedious but I would like to better understand this paradigm.

Our RF solution (LM00 screens) is all custom and was designed with the help of an outside consultant. In our solution, transfer orders are created by BDCs and BAPIs so users do not need to worry about TO intricacies. We do not use the RF Queue as originally designed to assign or balance work (i.e., to assign TOs) to individual forklift operators. Although we have many SAP warehouses, all users are assigned to WH 101 in LRFMD and the WH is never changed. Instead, we have a custom table that tracks the user's LM00 logon parameters (Plant, WH, storage location, device type).