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Apr 26, 2010 at 06:08 PM

Solution Manager Client Strategy


We have a project where we have two different opinions on the client strategy for SolMan (also BI and PI)

One group says that it is best to use the client 001 as the working client, another says that we should never use 001 cilents.

Following is the explanation for using client 001 as the working client:

This wasn't an issue in earlier versions of Solution Manager, and with version 4.0 and earlier (before all the new java applications) client 001 was just like client 001 in any other SAP system - and part of the standard installation process was to do a client copy to create your working client and go from there. However with Solman 7.0 and especially EHP1 and later, the system is now tightly integrated with the Java side of things for the work centers, solman diagnostics, etc, and all the Java<->ABAP connections and configuration tools are designed out-of-the-box to work out of client 001. SAP intends for 001 to be the working client and specifically recommends using it. Reconfiguring the system to use a different client deviates from the SAP standard, and only adds significant complications with no benefit to justify the complications.

Solman is not restricted to a single client like BI or PI, and it is not unusual for customers to use an additional client on their solman system for CUA, for example. But for the main solman functions I would strongly recommend sticking with 001. Trying to change it will unnecessarily complicate the initial deployment, and will likely cause issues with upgrades and maintenance further down the road as well.

Can you please provide comments on which way we should be approaching our cilent strategy for SolMan (and BI, PI).