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Jan 15, 2019 at 04:48 AM

Warranty Only Posting WR (Warranty Debit) Document To Both Claimant And Reimburser (OEM)


Hi Experts,

Am setting up warranty process based on post crediting scenarios in Automotive importer system.while posting version from reimbuirser (OEM) (Version IV) it is creating correctly generating warranty debit (accounting doc type WR) ,but the problem while posting version to the claimant (Dealer) version OC again it is generating (WR) warranty debit document.To my understanding it should generate warranty credit (WP) to the claimant actually.

In the configuration settings in IMG i have given document type correctly as Document Type Customer Posting (WP) Document Type Vendor Posting ( WR ).I have attached my img settings screen shot.

(OC) outgoing claimant version always posting to vendor, Even if i provide sold to party in partner function .

Kindly help to resolve the issue.