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Apr 26, 2010 at 10:07 AM

SAP Gui 7.10 Patch 17 on Windows 7 - SE80 freeze



we have a problem with Windows 7 Prof. and the SAP Gui.

We will be upgrading from WinXP SP2 to Win7, now we have a couple of Test-Win7-PCs to play with and we can't get SAP Gui to run on all of them.

We tried the new 7.20, on some PCs it works just fine, on others it displays black-windows only ... so we switched to the SAP Gui 7.10 Patchlevel 17, which is suppose to be more "bug-fixed", now we have another problem:

The Object-Navigator (SE80) freezes when trying to start it with the new frontend-editor. The old editor and the backend-editor work just fine.

Funnily enough, not all PCs have that problem, some of them work right away, same standard-installation on all of them.

One (maybe) important fact: There is no problem running SE80 with the Admin-User that actually installed the GUI.

Here's the ouput of the trace-file, that is created when the SE80 freezes:

(Error)(26.04.10 11:37:16.895):    CALL METHOD "CreateControl"[DispID=5] OF [#21/0x049F2B18/101/{83658045-6571-3232-7082-797884697868}]
                    #0: LONG "165"
                    #1: STRING "SAPGUI.AbapEditor.1"
                    #2: LONG "1409286144"
                    #3: LONG "164"
IDispatch::Invoke raised exception

We first installed the "SAP Frontend Package 7.10 Compilation 1", which contains SAP Gui Patchlevel 0 and then upgraded to Patchlevel 17. We also tried to upgrade to 14 first and then to 17 - unfortunately the same problem.

Any ideas or suggestions or anything that might help would be highly appreciated.