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Apr 26, 2010 at 07:22 AM

Multiple SAP installation on one MSCS cluster on Windows 2008


Hi All

As per the Installation GuideSAP NetWeaver 7.0 ABAP including Enhancement Package 1 SR1 on Windows: MS SQL Server

We are planning to install multiple SAP systems in Windows 2008. In the guide it talks that multiple installations are possible by using Junctions from local disk to shared disk.

However as per the guide it tells in

"On Windows Server 2008, multiple SAP systems in a failover cluster have the same configuration as a single SAP system. You no longer have the complex junction-based local directory structure on every cluster node, as was required on Windows Server 2003"

This is contradicting and more over No information related with Installation steps of multiple SAP system in one MSCS for Windwos server 2008 Installation is given. Only overview of Multiple SAP systems in one MSCS is given. However in a previous installation guide

Installation of Multiple

SAP Systems in MSCS:

MS SQL Server SAP Systems Based on SAP NetWeaver '04 SR1

and SAP NetWeaver 2004s SR2 (

have explained clearly under section 3.2 about Installation steps.

What information we are looking forward is


1) Does we need to Create junctions in Windows 2008 on shared disk as we discribed in the installation guide for 2003?

2) If no junctions to be created, how we can install on local disk and point the usrsap to shared disk?

3) Does we need to create two Services and Application for ASCS instance" SAPSID " ie one for AS ABAP Instance and One of AS JAVA INSTANCE "

4) Can we give same shared disk SAy "E" as storage to both the two Services and application ie one for AS ABAP Instance and One of AS JAVA INSTANCE