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Jan 11, 2019 at 03:36 PM

Ways to extend or change standard logic in Marketing Cloud


Hello experts!

We are on the start of implementation Marketing Cloud and have some misunderstandings about opportunities for extensibility Marketing Cloud.

1. Which type of application can we implement in SCP for using in Marketing: java, xs, sdk? Is there no ABAP workbench currently?

2. How can we use this application in standard logic Marketing Cloud? Can we use our custom oData services for campaign for example?

3. How we can change some logic in current application in Marketing Cloud? (exclude badis in app). Is it possible or not?

4. How can we add new views from Hana Studio. How can we connect to Hana?

There is no information about Marketing Cloud in our SCP. There are no HanaDatabases in SCP also. Is it correct?

Sorry for very general questions. We will be grateful for any advice!