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Expiration date and batches in EWM

Hi experts,

we are facing an issue related to the expiration date of the batches when an inbound delivery gets to EWM system.

First of all, the delivery products we're working with are all batch managed, while the batches are mantained in the ERP system (created with the MSC1N t-code with every data filled in MCH1,MCHA... tables).

The process consists of the following steps:

-The purchase order is created filling all the mandatory data (including the batch field).

-Then the inbound delivery is created carrying all the information from the PO. The moment we save this IBD, it gets distributed to EWM, and if we check the expiration date (VFDAT) in LIPS table, it has the corresponding expiration date of the batch.

-In EWM, the inbound delivery item that can be checked in transaction /SCWM/PRDI has the correct expiration date, so we do the goods receipt, that leaves the HUs in GR-ZONE. Looking at this HUs throught the EWM monitor shows that they have the SLED filled correctly (the same that the inbound delivery item had), but the moment we move them to another storage bin completing the putaway, the expiration date dissapears.

We think that this may be related to the HUs having still the inbound delivery reference when they're in GR-ZONE. And when this reference is gone the moment the HUs are stored this date is no longer there, but we are not sure. As a side note, not fulfilling the batch data in the PO but filling it in the Inbound Delivery leaves the Inbound delivery in the EWM system with no expration date, so the HUs are created also without this expiration date.

So after this long explanation I ask, what can be done to make this date appear in the HUs despite being moved to another storage bin? Is there any configuration for EWM that makes the HUs (that have batch managed products) keep the same batch data that they have in ERP system?

Looking forward to your response. Best regards.

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3 Answers

  • Jan 14 at 01:02 PM

    Hi Francisco,

    HUs have no batch or expiration date in EWM. A HU can be empty, have one item or have several items.

    Physical stock of batch-managed materials has a batch number and can have an expiration date, if the batch itself has it.

    Available stock can include batch/expiration information or not, depending on the level that you define in customizing for every storage type.

    So, most likely your expiration date is not being lost; just select a bin in the warehouse management monitor and click on "physical stock", you will probably find it there.

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    • Hi Julio,

      I think I didn't explain clear enough. I know the HU has no batch expiration date, I was referring to the item in it (in this case only one material). Selecting a bin from the warehouse, filtering these HUs (with materials that are batch managed inside them) and clicking on "Physical stock" shows the material and the batch correctly, but the expiration date is not there. I've checked the batch tables or t-codes (MSC3N) and the batches of these materials have an expiration date filled.

      One thing you said caught my attention: "Available stock can include batch/expiration information or not, depending on the level that you define in customizing for every storage type.": Do we have to make customizing changes just so the expiration date from the ERP (which shows in the delivery position details) gets to the "Physical stock" in EWM after GR is done?

      I still don't understand why the batch is showing correctly in the monitor under "Physical stock" but the expiration date is gone.

      Thanks for your reply, best regards

  • Jan 14 at 02:18 PM

    Hi Francisco,

    In "Physical stock" you should see the expiration date always. Only in "Available stock" you can influence it by customizing.

    • Check that the batch in ERP has an expiration date (MSC3N)
    • Check that the batch in EWM has an expiration data (/SCWM/WM_BATCH_MAINT)
    • In the warehouse management monitor, under Physical stock, use the method "Repair batch attributes".

    The last action ("Repair batch attributes") is an emergency procedure for situation where the physical quants cannot be updated and you get an inconsistency between batch and stock. Using this method after every putaway is of course not a practical solution, but if this method works, you know at least that your problem is related to some program error and you need to look for SAP notes that could correct it. If this method does not work, then your problem is most likely related to the system setup.

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    • Hi Julio,

      the batch has an expiration date in MSC3N, but the /SCWM/WM_BATCH_MAINT transaction gives the access denied dump because this version is the Embedded EWM with S/4 HANA, (same happens with other transactions, like /SCWM/EGR) so batches can't be mantained this way.

      Moreover, I have tried the "Repair batch attributes" action in the monitor and it does not make the expiration date appear. I'm pretty sure there's some configuration missing regarding the batches in this Embedded EWM system, but since /SCWM/WM_BATCH_MAINT cannot be accessed I'm lost on how to mantain or even view the way the batches are in EWM.

      Best regards.

  • Jan 14 at 04:06 PM

    Sorry, I have no experience with the embedded version. It's clear that the integration of batches works differently.

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