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Where can I find the ABAP Syntax white list(permitted syntax list) for S/4 Hana Cloud.

Dear, experts.
I have a hard time developing ABAP program in S/4 Hana Cloud.
I can use ABAP language in S/4 HANA Cloud In-App Extension( ex- "Custom Libraries", "custom business object").

But there are so many limitations of using syntax.
For example, I can't use 'CALL', 'CREATE', 'INSERT', 'DELETE', and etc.

I have two things to ask you.
1. Do you know any XML parsing library(class) can use in S/4 Hana Cloud(In-App Extension)?

I tried to use 'xml_doc', 'cl_ixml', but they are not permitted to use in S/4 Hana Cloud

2. I think SAP has the ABAP Syntax white list(permitted syntax list) for S/4 Hana Cloud(In-App Extension).

But I couldn't find anything. If you know where it is, please let me know.

Please help me.


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  • I can help you with the second one check this link and look around you will find all the whitelisted stuff. First one can't as still have to try my hands on this:)

  • Hi Nabheet?
    Thanks for your answer.
    But the link appears to be related to that you suggested is on ABAP whitelist on SAP Cloud Platform. As you know, I can't use SAP GUI nor ABAP Development Tools (ADT) on S/4 HANA Cloud(Cloud version SAP ERP).
    I can use web browser only.

    Do you have any other information on this?

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