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Apr 23, 2010 at 03:02 PM

Automatic folder creation fails ... trying to use the bulletin board tutor



I would like to create a blog using KMC functionality. For this I found an sdn article on how to create an bulletin board an this tutorial has some functionality I need in the blog too.

Unfortunately I have some problems when I want to have an folder created automatically. Here are the steps I am doing:

Creating a folder in the km-content named /documents/Blog

In Content-Management > Repository Filters > Userhome Filter+ I created an filter:

Name: Blog


URLs: Postings

Prefix: /documents

Startpath: /Blog

Then I created a folder for the km-navigation iview in the portal content. The path to the initial folder is: /alias/documents/Blog/<>/Postings

But when I call the preview to see the newly created folder ... I get the error message that the object couldn't be found (translated it means something like):

Object not found /alias/documents/Blog/<>/Postings

Has someone an idea what the reason could be? Is it that the automatic creation of folders is only possible in special folders?Did someone faces the same or an similar problem and could help to solve it?

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend,