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NWBC 3.0 and SAP EP roles

I heard recently that there's a limitation when using NWBC 3.0 with SAP EP. That NWBC will not work when a user has multiple portal roles assigned to him/her. Is this true? How will this limitation manifest itself?



Mel Calucin

Bentley Systems

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    Jun 18, 2010 at 01:38 AM

    No answer. Closing.

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      Hi Mel,

      No NWBC can display multiple portal roles.

      It is rather NWBC 1.0 which has here some limitations u2013 since the rendering paradigm has changed between NWBC 3.0 and 1.0.

      Big/many/complex roles have been more problematic with NWBC 1.0 than it is with 3.0.

      I have been writing once the following- which might be interesting to you too and explains a bit the background of it u2013 the problem was that with big/many/complex roles the login with NWBC 1.0 did fail.

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      you basically have to distinguish between three parts of time


      1.) Fetching the roles on server side (that is the same for client version 3 and version 1- on which you are currently on) -> obvious the more complex the roles the more time consuming

      2.) Sending the result of the fetching to the client:

      a. (server) Runtime of version 1 (client) does send the entire content of the roles fetching result to the client

      b. (server) Runtime of version 3 (client) does send ONLY the part to the client which is currently requested by navigating around

      3.) Rendering at the client

      2a.) and 3.) is critical for version 1 of NWBC if you have many and/or complex roles. This is a clear limitation of version 1 of NWBC and one of the reasons why this feature has been changed in version 3 of NWBC.

      At the moment there are not many options for you but reducing the complexity/amount of roles which you assign to the user - or raising the timeout settings I mentioned earlier (which of course will not prevent the enduser from long waiting times for the initial login. Since your backend version does not allow to run version 3 of NWBC.

      Be aware that if you have those big roles 2a.) is of course as well critical if you have a low bandwidth (might be as well the problem of your colleague in the remote location) - if MB of data is send around just to get the role-content to the client site# less critical with NWBC 3.0.

      About the "HTTP_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS" setting in the NWBCclient.ini file (NWBC 1.0): Be

      aware that you need to have the NWBC client be CLOSED when you edit your ini file- otherwise you will be back to the previous settings with the next restart of your NWBC client- hence if that was your case the HTTP_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS has never been taken effect, since a restart is required to get the settings being taken effect.

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      Finally you might be interested into the general NWBC-Limitation note 1029940.

      Hope that helps to explain the situation.