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Apr 23, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Negative stock vs MCHB message M7 238 (batch/separate evaluation)


Business scenario:

When working with batches (we only have separate evaluation active, but in this case SAP standard uses batch=separate evaluation... mcha and mchb tables), I can only post the first goods movement when table mchb has an entry, this is ussualy done at the time of the first goods receipt...

I want to start goods movements (goods issue) for this new material/evaluation/st location before the first goods receipt... so I've set up the negative stock option in customizing and material master... althought it still issues the same message: M7 238.

I guess if we set up the negative stock option, then the first goods movement (an exit), should create the entry in mchb...

Any thoughts on this scenario?