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Jan 10, 2019 at 06:08 AM

Payroll calculation flat every month for 30 days


Hi Friends,

For Indian payroll, client requires to calculate the number of paid days for every month should be flat 30 days for its admin office and 26 or 25 days in a month for factory(based on actual working days) even though the month has 31 days as calendar days. SAP takes total calendar days of the month for calculation of salary in Indian payroll if it is 30 days in a month it takes 30 days and if it 31 days in a month, it takes 31 days.

For eg: If an employee takes 4 days LOP in the month of May which has 31 calendar days, his salary calculation will be 31-4= 27 present days. But client expects the calculation should be as 26 present days only, taking 30 days as calendar days.

Kindly advise how to handle this issue.