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Apr 23, 2010 at 04:37 AM

LSMW: Purchase Requisition Error


Hi Gurus,

I am executing the LSMW for the Purchase Requisition creation. For achieving this, I tried with two options:

1._ With standard BI Method: _

Object: 0080(Purchase Requisition)

Program Name: RM06BBI0

Every thing goes smooth but when i execute the step 13 :Create Batch Input Session,

I get the error:

Requisitions w. acc. assgt. are imported via multiple acc. assgt. screen

2. With BAPI:

BAPI : BUS2105


Message Type : PREQCR1

Basic Type :PREQCR102

Everything goes smooth for this also but when i execute step 14 Start IDoc Processing,

I get the following information message in a pop up:

No data could be selected.

Kindly suggest the solution to both ways.

Your kind help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and BR,