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Hi, im using the above to create a purchase requisition. All works fine except the release strategy tab is missing in the header. When I create manually in me51n it automatically adds this upon save button, so its like this logic is missing in the BAPI. Is there a specific table in the bapi or something else I can run after the initial create to generate it?



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  • Do you know if this other BAPI creates the release strategy before I change the code and start using it?

  • you can do a quick test in SE37 with the new BAPI. Ideally it shall work without a doubt.

  • Hi Nabheet and Raymond,

    I have the BAPI working correctly now but again it doesn't create a release strategy. I manually went into me51n and create the PR with the exact same data as the BAPI (I even did copy and paste) and that DOES create the release strategy.

    So it seems the BAPI wont create the release strategy. Any solutions of workarounds? Even if business did and edit of the PR after the bapi create in order to 'trigger' the release tab would be sufficient. I tried this and the re-save after change wont trigger it.

    Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

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    Jan 16 at 02:56 PM


    I finally figured it out, I was passing in the incorrect document type (in the header). I was passing NB instead of ZNB which is the clients custom doc type. You'll see its a drop down at the very top of the PR.

    And then the doc type gets linked to the release strategy.

    I also found this solution works with both the obsolete and new BAPI.

    Thanks everyone.

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  • Jan 09 at 01:42 PM

    Did you try to call ME51 and not ME51N... This BAPI is obsolete (correspond to non-enjoy transactions such as ME51) use BAPI_PR_CREATE (ME51N)

    Ref: 1803189 - FAQ: End of Support of ME21, ME51, and BAPI_PO_CREATE etc.

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