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Inspection types: active and peferred


we're having some trouble understanding the inpection lot creation parametrization in the material master:

Let's say we have a material with 3 inspection types in the material master: the standards 01 and 17, plus a customized one Z8.

By the definition given by the system, having none of them active leads to no inspection lot creation for this material. I guess that activating only one of them creates an inspection lot (or more) based on the characteristics of this inspection type that is active.

Having 2 or more active provokes that the system chooses an active inspection type during inspection lot creation based on the following order:

    1. The inspection type is determined using a special rule. It can be determined, for example, for inspection lot origin 01 from the quality infomation record, or for inspection lot origin 03 from the order type.
    2. If there is no special rule and the indicator "Preferred inspection type" is set, the system chooses this preferred inspection type for the corresponding inspection lot origin.
    3. If the indicator "Preferred inspection type" is not set for any of the inspection types for the inspection lot origin, the system chooses the inspection type that was assigned to the inspection lot origin in Customizing as
variant 01

By these rules above, if I have the types 01 and Z8 of my example actives, which is the one chosen? and what are these special rules mentioned and how can I find them?

I understand that by having these two active but Z8 set as preferred , the system does not make use of this special rule and goes for the Z8 inspection type directly.

But, does having 2 active and preferred inspection types make any sense? If so, what's the difference between having both types only active, and both active+preferred?

Lastly, is there any point in having one type with the preferred check set but marked as inactive or is it error inducing? If this last thing is possible, which type would be selected if one of them is set as prefferred (while being inactive) and the other one is only active (no preferred)?

Thanks for your attention and best regards.

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    Jan 14 at 08:48 PM

    Preferred inspection type is only used within inspection types having the SAME inspection lot origin.

    In customization all inspection types are assigned an inspection origin. SAP standard has 01 inspection type mapped to 01 inspection origin. 02 to 02, 03 to 03, etc.etc.. These are usually the 01 variant.

    So you can have many inspection types created mapped to the same origin. Often times inspection types are created for a business or plant to meet specific needs. For instance, two plants need to have two different user status profiles assigned to their respective lots. You usually don't have more than one inspection type active in a plant for a given material. However in older SAP versions it was always required to activate the 01 variant inspection and then activate the custom inspection type as active and preferred. i don't think this is required now in newer versions.

    Some plants might have two or three inspection types and use a provided SAP user exit to assign one of them based on some other value. For instance, assigning a different inspection type based on order type, or vendor quality level. When undefined, the enhancement is programmed to take the preferred one as a default.

    Typically, if you've done a good analysis and design, the use of "preferred" should be very limited and the exception, not the rule.


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