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Apr 22, 2010 at 12:49 PM

BW Admin Cockpit - Trouble Transporting DataSources


Hi, I have the BW Admin Cockpit successfully installed and running on our BWD Development System. I collected up everything and tried to transport and received what looks like mostly errors from missing datasources. So I reviewed the Transport and all of the DataSources I expected to see in the Transport are not showing up as DataSources (R3TR OSOA), but as DataSource Replicas (R3TR ISFS).

I am thinking I need to get the Actual DataSources over to my QA System in order to get the Transport to work correctly. So I recollected the DataSources into another new transport and the same thing is happening. The Collected DataSources are showing up in the Transport as DataSource Replicas!

Can anyone help with this?

1. Why is this happening?

2. Should I just create a new manual transport wtih my DataSources as R3TR OSOA?

Thanks for any help....