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Apr 22, 2010 at 12:47 PM

Unable to start Data Services Server or Designer after dump


Hi all,

i had a crash on our system (Windows Server 2003 with MYSQL 2005 and Data Services XI 3.2 SP2). The Designer stopped and after that we are now unable to restart the service or server. We got the following error message in the event log:

(12.2) 04-22-10 10:54:43 (E) (17176:17928) SYS-170101: System Exception <ACCESS_VIOLATION> occurred. Process dump is written to <D:\BO\DS\log\BODI_MINI20100422105414_17176.DMP> and
                                                                                Process dump is written to <D:\BO\DS\log\BODI_MINI20100422105414_17176.DMP> and <D:\BO\DS\log\BODI_FULL20100422105414_17176.DMP>
                                                                                Call stack:
                                                                                001B:00DB32A0, _CTypedPtrList<CPtrList,DBLinkOption *>::SetAt()+30752 byte(s)
                                                                                001B:00DAA21F, CABAPTransformCall::GetIconName()+0463 byte(s)
                                                                                001B:00DC19CF, CABAPTransformDefinition::NewObj()+0895 byte(s)
                                                                                001B:00FBFC47, CGUIRepository::~CGUIRepository()+0183 byte(s)
                                                                                001B:011A8DB8, CRepository::~CRepository()+0024 byte(s)
                                                                                001B:011A8D10, CXMLTemplateLoader::SupportsPassthroughAsTarget()+0208 byte(s)
                                                                                001B:00FD19FA, CGUIRepositoryManager::~CGUIRepositoryManager()+0106 byte(s)
                                                                                001B:010BC7C5, CRepositoryManager::~CRepositoryManager()+0757 byte(s)
                                                                                001B:005F428A, Ordinal1198()+0086 byte(s)
                                                                                001B:77E6F23B, ProcessIdToSessionId()+0521 byte(s)
                                                                                EAX=18114330  EBX=FFFFFFFF  ECX=18114330  EDX=02961847  ESI=00597660
                                                                                EDI=00597660  EBP=0012FA18  ESP=0012FA00  EIP=CCCCCCCC  FLG=00010206
                                                                                CS=001B   DS=0023  SS=0023  ES=0023   FS=003B  GS=0000
                                                                                Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
                                                                                Fault address:  CCCCCCCC 00:00000010 

Error Number <80101>...Error message <Error opening file: DICodepages.txt>

The last line comes everytimes we try to start the service, server or Designer.

Any ideas? Can anyone tell me the correct path for the DICodepages.txt?

Thanks alot!

Edited by: Frederik Hopt on Apr 22, 2010 2:48 PM