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SAP B1 Product Automatic to do Inaktiv


I have a question I know we can choose date for inaktiv.Can we choose for last product in stock too?

Example if we sell this product i want to do this product automatic inaktiv. is it possible?

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    Posted on Jan 14, 2019 at 07:26 AM


    Unfortunately B1 does not currently allow you to automate that. What you can do, is to create an alert with a query to show you the items, and you can then set them to inaktiv manually.

    Another option is to automate this with a console application, using the DI API, but that is a lot more work, so should only be considered if you have would have to do this more than once a day.



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    • Hello Onurcan - Johann is correct - best to set a query, because then you have someone looking at the Item. You do not want to do it automatically and here is why: (a) If you are going to use "Verfugbar" ("Availability") as your basis, then what happens when you have 300 in Stock and 300 in Commited - that equals zero and, if you automatically set the product to Invactive at that time, the Delivery will never get sent. (b) Dependent on how you have the Inactive Setting in General Settings under the Administration Module, the Items might be hidden from reports or other areas where personnel must view the information. (c) Setting them automatically to Inactive can cause a lot of problems with MRP, and finally (d) Before anyone sets any Master Data to Inactive an End User (not the program) should make the decision.

      I have had similar requests in the past, tried to dissuade the End User to no avail, and then ended up with a real mess - Customer Service was impacted, Purchasing Personnel were missing required procurements, and a host of other things cropped up.

      You just need to let the End Users responsible for Item Master think through this very carefully and try to get them to the point where they know this is not the way to go. Normally such a request is half-thought out and, when implemented, a lot of rework needs to be done.

      Regards, Zal

      PS - with the two or three Customers who requested this, all of them dropped the automatic Inactive update.