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Apr 22, 2010 at 12:30 PM

Pull the correct BOM Quantities


Hi Gurus,

Can anybody please help me with this issue? Currently, all materials in the BOM for any product that we sell, are set up so that usage for materials in the BOM are value per 100 of the parent item. Unfortunately this approach does not pull the correct quantity of materials in the BOM every time u2013 the reason being that the BOM is independent of pallet quantities.

For example, material A ships 16 EA/pallet u2013 so the packaging BOM for this bearing is set up so that 6.25 packaging units are needed per 100 EA. If you take 6.25/100 = 0.0625 and if you multiply this by 16 you get 1 u2013 meaning that 1 packaging unit is needed per 16 EA. This approach works fine as long as you ship 16EA of material A per pallet, but frequently we will ship short pallets of material A and other materials. But all of the materials we sell are set up this way u2013 so we have the same type of problem with the BOM of every material we sell if we do not sell a full pallet every time.

What would solve the problem is if certain materials in the BOM were dependent on the quantity of bearings per pallet. Is there a way to set up the BOMu2019s in SAP so that if a certain number range of bearings is called for, certain materials in the BOM (specifically the packaging) will be pulled in the correct quantities? Using the material A as an example: if between 1 and 16 EA are shipped/forecasted u2013 one packaging unit will be used, if between 17 and 32 bearings are shipped u2013 two packaging units are used, etc. Is there a way to achieve this?