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Apr 22, 2010 at 12:05 PM

Error at SAP Installation at phase 3 - Install common system files



I´m faccing with an error in phase 3 - Install common system files. I´m install ECC 6 with Oracle 10.2 on Linux X86_64 (RHEL v.5).

I´ll try to explain what´s happen, and what is my situation at this point... because is very weird!

In this momment I´m run the installation master wizard (./sapinst)... but this is the second time that I´m running the installation, in the first time I ran the sapinst installation wizard I was stuck on the phase 8 - Install database server (that´s normal warning), and after that I installed the Oracle Database (plus patches set to, the interim patche and CPU patches)!! So, after this normal procedure, I press the button at wizard of sapinst to continue the system installation... but I don´t know why this wizard window closed!!! 😔 I thought these behaviour very weird!!

After all this things... what I did was start again the sapinst, but one more time, another very strange thing happened which I didn´t expect... which was the sapinst wizard didn´t show me / prompt the option to "continue with the Old Option"... so I start again with other "New Option", in other words, I start again all the installation process!

And here I am, in phase 3 with this error!!!

I´ll post in next post the log files. Can you check please?