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Jan 11, 2019 at 09:17 PM

sapui5 set value state to data aggregated control


Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to set value state to data binded thanks to aggregation binding. it doesn't seems to work :

I'm using the following syntax :


it doesn't seem to work.

i tried to set manually the value to 'error" that way :

<Label text="Puissance électrique maximum installée" id="label20_1546424238324"/>
<Input width="100%" id="input15" description="kW" value="{tableDataBis>PuissMaxInst}" type="Number" required="true" valueState="Error"/>

and even there with the following I couldn't collect the right state.


I think it is related to aggregation binding but despite research, I didn't found solution to apply error state to binded data that way.

could you help me ? here is the way I searched the model to update data to my screen :

var sPath = this.getView().byId("it_item").getBinding("pages").aKeys[0];
var oModel = this.getView().getModel("tableDataBis");
oModel.setProperty("/" + sPath + "/Nom1Societe", dataTable.NameOrg1);

It may be something to do there ?

thanks by advance.

kind regards