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Apr 22, 2010 at 09:02 AM

Employee master data against Trip data while perfroming PRRW


Hi Experts,

We will be reassigning company code of employees into a new code (basically changes in company coding only).

My question is, will the new code be read automatically by PRRW.

My scenarios is:

1) New company code starts 01.05.2010 onwards i.e. Organizational Assignment of the employees will have the new company code from this date.

2) Trip expense are submitted earlier prior to new company code starts for expense made 15.04.2010. i.e. Trip expense are already in the system when the Organizational Assignment is updated with the new company code

I read somewhere in Travel documentation that says " .. The FI posting process analyzes the T&E master data of the employee. Should a user be accessing the master data at the same time as the process, it will cause an error to occur..."

Does this means that in my scenario above, the PRRW will pick up the new company code. Ideally this is what we need the system to do but not sure if this is the case. And I do not have system to play around. Based on experience, does anyone know?

Thanks in advance