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Jan 11, 2019 at 01:22 PM

Fiori Elements Dropdown Filter Description


Creating value help in the consumption CDS view:

ObjectModel.foreignKey.association: '_StatusValueHelp'
ObjectModel.text.association: '_StatusValueHelp'Status

This creates a nice value help dialog and autocompletion, showing all possible values for the status attribute.

Using the right annotations, Fiori Elements automatically shows this filter as dropdown [1]. I annotated my value help CDS view, to get the fixed-values metadata annotation sap:value-list="fixed-values":


This works great, but the dropdown only shows keys, not the associated text descriptions - quite hard for a user to understand what to select.

The created metadata looks like texts should be displayed (DisplayOnly), but they are not:

            <Annotations Target="SalesOrderType/Status" 
                <Annotation Term="Common.ValueList">
                        <PropertyValue Property="Label" String="Status"/>
                        <PropertyValue Property="CollectionPath" String="I_Status"/>
                        <PropertyValue Property="SearchSupported" Bool="true"/>
                        <PropertyValue Property="Parameters">
                                <Record Type="Common.ValueListParameterInOut">
                                    <PropertyValue Property="LocalDataProperty" PropertyPath="Status"/>
                                    <PropertyValue Property="ValueListProperty" String="Status"/>
                                <Record Type="Common.ValueListParameterDisplayOnly">
                                    <PropertyValue Property="ValueListProperty" String="Name"/>

Has anyone managed to show a nice dropdown with texts, optionally directly from a CDS annotation?