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Jan 10, 2019 at 08:30 PM

Report added as SubReport Update Issue

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I'm scratching my head here...

I have a main report to which I've added a subreport which is a report that I created separately and added to the main report. If I right click the subreport in the main report and edit it, it does not seem to change the original report.

So, I made as an example, rptHeader. I added rptHeader to rptMain, then decided I need to make a change. So, I right clicked the subreport and chose edit. I save and the main report displays properly. If I go an open the original rptHeader, the changes are not there.

Anyone know what's happening or what I'm doing incorrectly? I would think that changing a subreport from within the main should update the original... That would be different that updating the report that became a subreport, which would then require reimporting it.

I should add that when I open the original report that was added as a subreport, it opens thinking it was changed but still looks like an older version. Strange...


- Nick