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Apr 21, 2010 at 01:12 PM

Transaction Variant: BBPSC02


Hi Experts,

I am facing a problem with the transaction variant which I have created for the standard transaction BBPSC02. Below are the steps which I have followed to create it in development system:

In SHD0 Transaction, I have first created a variant group Z_CTLG_ACC_GP and saved it,

As we know, the transaction variant name will be automatically judged by SAP, i.e. when I went to the transaction variant tab, automatically a name will be there, here it was Z_CTLG_ACC_GPBBPSC02 for me.

Then I have clicked on the create button and as usual it gave me a popup message that the transaction variant Z_CTLG_ACC_GPBBPSC02 belongs to the variant group Z_CTLG_ACC_GP.

I have clicked on continue, and then in the next set of screens, I have made some fields in the screen 0110 and 0150 invisible as per the requirement.

Now In the last screen I have clicked on the button u2018Exit and Saveu2019 which took me to a screen where all the screen s are lined up, there I have given a description to the transaction variant u2018Restricted Access to SRM Catalogsu2019.

Then saved it and went back to the main screen of SHD0.

Now, I have created a variant transaction u2018ZSSRM_CATALOG_ACCESSu2019 and assigned the created transaction variant to it i.e. Z_CTLG_ACC_GPBBPSC02

Now In the variant group tab, I have assigned a user u2018USER_85055u2019, who has only one transaction in his role i.e. u2018ZSSRM_CATALOG_ACCESSu2019

Now this user u2018USER_85055u2019 can see his changes successfully in the SRM link for the development system.

But the customer came up with new requirement that the changes should also work for the normal user without affecting the standard one i.e. When the normal user goes to ZSSRM_CATALOG_ACCESS, he should see the respective changes, but when he uses the standard transaction i.e. BBPSC02, he should not get affected ( standard should not get changed).

This particular requirement is working perfectly in SAP GUI for the development system. But when the normal user goes to this transaction ZSSRM_CATALO_ACCESS in SRM link, he is not able to see the changes.

To overcome this I have tried to add even the normal user to this variant group Z_CTLG_ACC_GP, but it is reflecting the changes in standard also.

Could anyone please help.

Thank you very much in advance.

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