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Apr 21, 2010 at 12:07 PM

Calendar Prompt in OLAP Universe does on resolved.



I am using BO XI 3.1 with latest fix pack.

I have created a OLAP universe based on SSAS 2005 Multicube for reporting using WebI.

I have a date field in my database but when i but when i created a Universe based on that cube the date field became of type STRING. One of my requirement is that i want a calendar popup in my WebI report when i create a filter on top of that date field.

So i manually changed the type to Date format in Universe Designer in order to see the calendar popup in webi report.

My concern is when i select a date value from the calendar it does not work and i cannot see the data for that date if though the data exist for that. But when i manually enter the date value for that filter changing back the data type as CHaracter in the Universe it works and i can the see the data . The date format i am using is M/D/YYYY which is the same as calendar prompt.

Why we notice this such behavior for the date field in the WebI and every time i want a calendar prompt i have to change the date type to Date and if i have to manually enter i have to change to Character.

Kindly suggest .