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Apr 21, 2010 at 09:13 AM

Encoding issue - having UTF-16LE BOM "FF FE"


Hello Experts,

The scenario is as follows:

SAP sends IDOCS -> SAP-PI (collects IDOCS & creates IDOC xml) -> Content conversion done at Receiver CC -> Text File having pipe delimited is placed in an FTP location.

Requirement :

Currently SAP R/3 is sending Balkan and Cyrilllic chracters to PI. Both SAP-R/3 and PI are Unicode compliant. SAP-PI version being used is SAP-PI 7.1. BPM is used to collect the idocs based on time.

The SAP-PI while converting the IDOC to idoc XML, it has header as "encoding=UTF-8".

The text file that is getting created at the FTP location is an ANSI file. (If you open the text file with EDITPLUS(ver3) tool, you can check the file type as ANSI. )We need to change this as UTF-16LE.

In the receiver CC, in the first Target tab, we have maintained Transfer Mode as "Binary" in FTP connection parameters.

In the Processing tab, we have maintained the File type as Text and Encoding as "UTF-16LE".

We also switched from Binary-Binary, Binary-Text and Text-Text in both the tabs, but the file that is getting put, is still an ANSI file in the FTP location.

In PI all the characters are coming correctly. But the time of creating the file, the file is getting created as ANSI.

We need to have the file type as UTF-16 having BOM(Byte Order Mark) as "FF FE". If you open in the EDITPLUS text editor, it should show as UTF-16.

Please if any of you experts have come across any solution for this issue, please let me know the steps. It an issue in production and need your help asap.

Points to be awarded to the best answer and an answer that helps us solve the problem.