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Apr 21, 2010 at 08:10 AM

Item status of SC of subtype ER not updated after creating BDI invitation


Dear Experts,

Our process is that we push a PR from ECC that creates a SC of subtype ER in SRM.

In a Z program we based on some criterion we consolidate the line items of these SCs and create BID invitation for these.

After BID invitation is created for the SCs what should be the status of these SCs in BBP_PD?

In our system it is showing

HEADER          I1021              Created
HEADER          I1038              Completed
HEADER          I1106              Shopping Cart Ordered 
HEADER          I1129              Approved
0000000001    I111                Item in transfer process             X

For ITEM the status is not updated to I1113 follow on documents created.

In the Z program we check if the SC Item has status I1113, if yes it means it is already processed for BID else process it for BID now. Since the SC item status is not updated properly same SCs are getting processed again .

How can we update the ITEM status for a SC of subtype ER after a BID invitation for the SC is created?