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Apr 21, 2010 at 06:40 AM

Project cost to update material cost


Hello Every one,

In my project client is having consturction projects of flats and appartments. Now when project starts it is having various kind of cost. Now when project starts in between sales booking for flats also started. Now the problem is because company is starting the sales before the completion of project we donu2019t have final cost of one appartment. Now all cost is exist in PS. If I am trying to settle projects cost on material system is not allowing me and giving message that settlement to material is possible only with production order so I cant transfer the project cost to the material. Also custmer want to calculate WIP and cogs. Because we donu2019t have full actual cost , customer want that we should use planned cost also untill acual cost doesnu2019t occur. I feel that is possible thru result analysis but I am not sure.

One more thing that we are also implementing co-pa here so I think that will also affect the settlement processs. Kindly suggest me some thing on that.