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Jan 09, 2019 at 10:04 AM

VBFA / KOCLU / CDCLS migration


Hello Experts !

I'm preparing my system (erp 6.0) for migration.

what throubles me is that 3 tables : KOCLU / CDCLS / VBFA are enormous (over 1 tb of data)

Is there any effective way to export / import them ?
Export mechanism of swpm doesn't allow exporting such big tables without splitting them first, but after splitting they cannot be imported in parallel (db6 won't allow that)

I'm looking for effective way to archive / delete data from those tables.

I know that those table clusters consist of tables


VBFA : is a transp. table.

but their sizes don't add up when I compare the result of rsatablesize and db02

for example :
CDCLS is 1.084.491.616 kb big ( + additional 47.896.736 kb for index)

DB02 doesn't recognize tables CDPOS / PCDPOS and tells me that they don't they exist.
While at the same time RSATABLESIZE is is showing their size to be,75 kb (each of them!)
(which is almost 3 tb + 3 tb -> almost 6 times of db02 CDCLS's value if you take a sum into account)

Shouldn't CDCLS and CDPOS/PCDPOS size be exact ?

will archivization of tables CDPOS/PCDPOS result in CDCLS smaller size ? Or should I archive both oth them ?

The same case is for KOCLU cluster :

DB02 informs me that KOCLU is 762.360.224 kb (+ 8 gb index)

while rstablesize for KONV is showing :,04 kb. why are those values not same ? Even worse why a table konv that is a part of KOCLU is bigger ?

The main question is :

should I tell my business to delete /archive data from KONV,CDPOS,PCDPOS or from CDCLS and KONV or both options ? Any sap notes would be really helpfull (there was one 12904 but was removed from sap...)

Best regards,