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Component with different component scrap factor in different semi finished products

Hey guys.

We are a molding dept of a company.

We have to reconciliate huge amount of raw materials as we struggling to find the correct settings to set our scrap factor.

Here is the issue.

1. The molded semi finished products are entered in SAP without the ANGUS (The extra channel that the material flow to the tool.) This channel is discarded after each injection cycle - Hence the loss.

2. One material - Lets call it white plastic is the material for differents components we make

3. The channels we have to discard on each semifinished products are varying in percentage.
For example one part we produce have 26% scrap in every injection, the other one have 64%!

We tried to adjust the semi finished part's scrap factor, but that's adding on to the required pieces count, also it does look very bad if I was to scrap 64% of finished parts
In turn this would allow us to specify the scrap factor for each Part.

We also tried to set the Component scrap factor for the material.

This is very difficult because
a. - each week we producing different number of parts of different tools that uses this material
b. - We have calculated a weighted average for the scrap factor but this is very volatile too as we could have machine stoppage, so if we plan on monday, enter a certain calculated component scrap factor, then the machine stops that is out of the window.

Is there any way to specify scrap factor for raw material depending on what Semi finished product uses it?

Any help welcome.



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