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Apr 20, 2010 at 07:02 PM

inserting object by a B1i message does not trigger another scenario


Hi , i have a problem with multiples scenarii : the first create an object , and the creation of this object should trogger the 2nd scenario , but this do not work .

the setp is like thiis :

2 external systems ( F.B1.2007 : ES1 and ES2 ) ,and a B1 system .

1st scenario : from ES1 to B1 , create Sales Order

2nd scenario : from B1 to ES2 , create an xml file when a Sales Order is created

each scenario works well , ( a message from ES1 create a S.O. in B1 , and a S.O. in B1 create a message for ES2 )

but when a message from ES1 create a Sales Order in B1 , this does not trigger the 2nd scenario . I think that is not a data problem , as when i update a sales order created by ES1 message , the 2nd scneario is triggered ( the 2nd scenario is triggered by Inserting and Upadting ) . I activate B1event log in B1i server : B1i receive the event from B1 , after the Sales Order creation , and no error message appear . but i can't see the message in message log , and no message is created .

is this a setup in B1i preventing a object created by B1i scenario to trigger another scenario ?

thanks for help . ( the patch level is PL07 for B1i ( same behavior in PL10 ) , and 2007 SP1,PL7 for B1 )