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Jan 11, 2019 at 01:08 PM

Help on how to optimize SDI replication operations

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We are using SDI to replicate some ECC database tables to SAP HANA on Cloud. At database level Oracle archive logs are activated and SAP Connector is using ECC Adapter (on the top of Oracle Log Reader Adapter) to replicate tables in realtime.

This scenario is already working and the replication is being done through Replication Tasks and Flow Graphs.

For tables which we need to replicate completely, we use Replication Tasks. For tables which we apply a filter (e.g. company, sales order type), we are using Flow Graphs with filters.

However we have some doubts about how those replications are being managed, and how to optmize it. So the questions are:

  1. When we use Flow Graphs with filters, SDI brings all the information to Cloud and perform the filters, or the select of Flow Graph at source Virtual Table is executed with a "where" clause, filtering all in ECC level before bringing it to Cloud?
  2. Is there any way to see/check executed SQL on SDI (or in SAP Connector logs)? I found a log folder, however it logs only the operation, not the SQL.


Another issue is that our basis team are very concerned about archive logs size, because a few hours of record can consume a lot of disk space. SAP recommend 24-76 hours of archive log to be maintained (

So the questions are:

3. The archive log retention time could be reduced to 1 hour? In this case, the only colateral effect i can see is if the SAP Connector loose the connection for more than 1 hour, we will need to restart the "initial + realtime" replication task.

4. Is there any way to active archive logs for specific tables? Because we won't replicate all tables of our ECC.

Any lecture, link, reference, SAP Note will be appreciated!


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